Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Royal Quote (Unquote)- Part 3

*This is a section where RCB players quotes (pre-match, post-match) are put up, straight from the horse's mouth.

Disclaimer: For the IPL 2009 period, this piece is run entirely on the creative juices of the author and is illustrative of a format that the Chief Blogger for RCB might be involved in writing. 
All content in this piece is to be treated as fictional, the context being the RCB vs KXIP match covered below.
"It was magic. Hit a ball and it crosses the ropes. Bowl a ball and it gets a wicket. Dive in the field, and get a run-out. What fun"
Roelof Van Der Merwe looks back fondly on a game where he got everything (mostly) right. 35 off 19 with the bat, two wickets and a sensational run-out
"That felt so good. I'd dived over one in training and there was laughter all around. After that ball though, I winked at the guys and mockingly put a finger to my lips." 
Virat Kohli gets his due for saving a certain boundary on the last ball of the 19th over of the run chase

"Well played Yuvi. Thanks for the entertainment."
Praveen Kumar greets good friend Yuvraj Singh at the awards ceremony and rubs it in. 


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